About Us

Da Shoné By DaSh is a Los Angeles based Tailoring & Custom Design Service. For 10 years, the designer, DaSh Holcomb, has specialized in making custom garments ranging from pants to luxurious gowns. In 2017, she established herself as a Celebrity tailor- taking her artistry to a new level. She has become a personal tailor to Ariana Grande, Zendaya, Anne Hathaway, Tiffany Haddish and many more. Servicing both dapper men and glamorous women.

As a custom designer, DaSh's mission has always been to cater to every person, no matter their style or lifestyle. DaSh's lifestyle has consisted of being a skateboarder, student, hairstylist, business owner and a proud mother, so her daily style has always been unrestricted. Style is revolutionary!  Likewise, her brand reflects the same - A DaSh Of This, And A DaSh Of That! We are here for any and every occasion.

Da Shoné By DaSh Is Parallel To All Styles, For All Lifestyles.